Make Time To Dream

FTLOMI made some time to dream. Truth be told, I take lots of time to dream.  Dreams are something I hold dear to me. And now I have seen another one of my dreams come true. 

At long last, my book, For The Love Of Moose has been published.  It took a few years to get to this point but I did it.  There were doubts – I had many. I was not sure anyone would want to hear what I had to say. Nor was I sure I could write well enough to publish an entire book.  It takes a great deal of time to  move an idea onto paper and then work with it until it is readable and enjoyable.

Maybe my book isn’t great. But, if t touches just one person then it was worth it.  If the book causes someone to advocate for a difficult or discarded dog, I have accomplished my goal.

I didn’t write this book to get rich or make a name for myself.  I had a message and an improbable dream.  Animals are not yard ornaments or ours to torture or fight for us.  They are our pets and parts of our family.

Each one is as unique as any of us.  Each has the capacity to feel, I don’t care what science says.  I believe my dogs are happy to see me and miss me when I am gone a long time.

This is the most important take away from my book:

Whether a dog is blind, deaf, or has behavior problems, consider taking that angel under your wing. Those types of dogs take more work, but I promise you will not regret it. Special-needs dogs aren’t for everybody, but neither a shelter nor the streets is a place for any dog. The challenges will be many with this kind of dog in your home. I had my share of challenges and shed many tears of frustration, fear, and love. I was sometimes scared to death Moose would be taken away from me—or worse, killed because he hurt another animal. It all made me stronger and helped me build better relationships.

Many times I was the teacher, but I was most often the student. If your eyes and heart are open, you stand to learn many lessons from a teacher that uses no words. My wish for you is to find your own once-in-a-lifetime dog.

I dream of a world full of no kill shelters, free of backyard breeders, free of animal cruelty and the end to animal fighting.

So, please, take some time to dream.  You never know,  your dream might be the one that saves us all.

About The Author

Margaret Ludwig

I am an aspiring writer that is working as a Deputy Sheriff. I have been in law enforcement for fifteen years. I have five left to go before I can retired and follow my heart desires. My plan is to change people misconceptions and prejudices towards the dogs that are perceived as aggressive or broken in some way. I have five of my own dogs, all with some kind of issue themselves. I hope to continue to rescue dogs and give or get them the homes they all deserve.

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