Will You Take The Time To Share?

It has been a few weeks since my book has been available to the public.  I wrote this book for the pet owner that takes in the least desirable pets.  I also wrote it for the ones who are on the fence about taking in a less than perfect pet. And of course for the ones that have no choice in the matter.


The following is the dedication for my book:

To the ones who speak volumes without uttering a word,

the ones who suffer yet forgive time and time again,

the ones who never lose hope

the ones who fight the good fight

because their hearts and souls would have it no other way—

and especially to those who love without condition,

be they human or canine


I have one simple favor to ask. If you read my book and enjoyed it, please share it. If you find you liked it and were able to relate, please take the time to write a review.


It is my hope that the people that need to find my book can.  I know when I struggled with raising my pack the right way I had few choices and little support.  I stayed the course and everything came together in a cohesive way.

It shouldn’t have to be a struggle for anyone and I want to help those who find themselves in the same predicament.

Thank you all for the support you have shown me so far.  Please share, talk about it, and get the word out.  Help someone see they are not alone.


About The Author

Margaret Ludwig

I am an aspiring writer that is working as a Deputy Sheriff. I have been in law enforcement for fifteen years. I have five left to go before I can retired and follow my heart desires. My plan is to change people misconceptions and prejudices towards the dogs that are perceived as aggressive or broken in some way. I have five of my own dogs, all with some kind of issue themselves. I hope to continue to rescue dogs and give or get them the homes they all deserve.

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