A Reason For Hope

Hope is the most (1)


I stopped watching the news a few years ago for several reasons. Amongst them is the constant barrage of negativity which the media would like the public to believe is all there is in our world.  Add to that social media which helps people think it’s acceptable to make hateful comments in anonymity.  We as a society don’t need to look far to find reasons to hate.


Then there was a scene I was blessed to see the other day.  One that filled me with hope. I ordered some food to go and waited outside because it was hotter in the restaurant than outside.  A few moments later a teenage boy with Down’s syndrome walked out of the restaurant with his mother.  He told her “I love you, mom”. She told him she loved him too.  He then told her she was the best mother in the world. She answered with a heartfelt thank you.


I was checking my emails but I smiled to myself thinking, yes, she must be. They waited on the sidewalk when her husband and their younger child joined them.  They started to walk past me when the teenage boy yelled something I could not understand. He was trying to get his father’s attention.


His mother stopped and said to him, “Wow! That was really loud.” She reminded him how he needed to talk at a lower volume and if he was trying to say something to his father he needed to walk up to him and say it.


His father was a few feet ahead of him with the younger child approaching their car. I looked up from my phone and smiled at the mother. She smiled back with a look that said, “Kids!”.


I was trying hard to mind my own business but not doing a good job of it. I heard the father talking to his son and exclaim, “Oh, he was reminding us we needed to get something at the store!” I turned around to see the father thanking his boy and giving him a big hug.  I smiled at the father then had to turn away because my eyes were tearing up.


These were in fact the best parents in the world for these kids.   The love they had for each other was a perfect, forgiving, unconditional love.  It’s rare we get to see such an open display in such a seemingly hostile world.


There are people in this world that will lash out and even kill people for having a differing point of view.  When did it become OK to deal with our problems, real or perceived with violence and hatred? It’s hard to find validity in a point of view expressed through harsh hateful words or violence.


I see the hate out there but I also see all the love that is there as well.  I choose not to focus on the hate. For the most part I scroll past hateful Facebook posts without commenting. I ignore what the media tells me is wrong with the world and focus on the positive people and situations.


Thank you strangers for showing me what is right with the world.


About The Author

Margaret Ludwig

I am an aspiring writer that is working as a Deputy Sheriff. I have been in law enforcement for fifteen years. I have five left to go before I can retired and follow my heart desires. My plan is to change people misconceptions and prejudices towards the dogs that are perceived as aggressive or broken in some way. I have five of my own dogs, all with some kind of issue themselves. I hope to continue to rescue dogs and give or get them the homes they all deserve.

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