Welcome Old Man Winter


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Snowflakes slowly drift down to congregate with their predecessors joining them in creating the purest white blanket. Once the blanket thickens, it is then that you can hear it, the all-encompassing silence. It insulates us from an exceedingly busy world. Time stands still.


This is a day I have no obligations, no meetings, no errands, and no demands on my time. I sit next to a crackling fire, hot chocolate in hand; dogs at my feet and my computer in my lap, helping me to spin my next tale. Eventually I will have to put on my cold weather gear and take the dogs out for another romp in the snow. Their child like fascination with the fluffy white powder on the ground is amusing and endearing.


Winter is not my favorite season but I do enjoy it nonetheless. Over the years, by watching my dogs I have learned there is joy to be found in all the seasons. Winter brings with it the closing of a year, holidays and hope for new beginnings. It is a time to slow down and perhaps accomplish some tasks we put off for later. Just like nature, we humans need the forced down time so we can recreate ourselves and come back better than ever in the spring.


This time of year makes us nostalgic for family and friends. For many it is another reminder of how wrong their lives are and how much they lack. I long ago gave up on the perfect holiday and the perfect family. Growing up, holidays were a time of conflict and hard feelings. Every year I hoped things would be different, there would be no fighting and the holidays would be idealistic. Those days never came and I failed at creating them for myself in later years. The holidays still hold their magic for me despite my lack of family to share them with. These days I enjoy wrapping silly toys and treats for my dogs. Watching them tear wrapping paper to find a toy, playfully tossing it aside then going back to shredding paper with glee is heartwarming for me.


For these few months I will be happy to sit by the fire and catch up on projects I have been putting off. Come spring there will be plentiful work needing to be done. If there is one lesson our dogs can teach us it is to keep things in perspective. Yes, we may not like winter or we may be alone again this Christmas, but all is not lost. Spring will come back, the snow will melt and the days will grow long again. There is still joy in winter.   It is in the simplicity and the quiet. Find that joy. Detach yourself from the idea of a perfect life. Whatever you circumstances, there is someone out there that would trade places with you in a second. Welcome old man winter, he will only be here for a short stay.

About The Author

Margaret Ludwig

I am an aspiring writer that is working as a Deputy Sheriff. I have been in law enforcement for fifteen years. I have five left to go before I can retired and follow my heart desires. My plan is to change people misconceptions and prejudices towards the dogs that are perceived as aggressive or broken in some way. I have five of my own dogs, all with some kind of issue themselves. I hope to continue to rescue dogs and give or get them the homes they all deserve.


  1. Jake | 1st Dec 14

    Dear Margaret, dear Margaret,
    Your words tell such a story of passion in your belief. So tasteful and classy, it is a delight to read. There is such a gracefulness in your blogs, and a style that shows the world through your eyes. I believe I mentioned before, the people at work that don’t really know you would be stunned to see the inner you and what compassion you write with. You have a beautiful way of delivery and moving the reading from one point to another. I hope you never change what you have. It surely would be a loss.

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